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New single and album on the way!

Finnegan’s Hell has just finished recording the new album ”Life and Death”, which will be released February 23rd, 2018. Before that a Christmas single will be released November 24th, and it will be available on all digital music services such as iTunes and Spotify. Check it out! The songs on the album are musically diverse, but they share the lyrical themes of life and death, taking the listener on a rollercoaster ride from the cradle to the grave. When recording ”Life and Death” measures were taken to preserve the raw energy from a live performance, and the result is a record which takes no prisoners.

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Live at Woodstock EP out now!

Check out ”Finnegan’s Hell live at Woodstock”, available on all major digital music services. Three tracks from the gig at Woodstock’s main stage 2016: our classic ”Jar Of Porter” and the two brand-new songs; ”How Am I To Make It?” and ”Coal Mine”. Click here to watch a live video from the show!

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Having a ball in Berlin

For those of you who could not get tickets to the show in Berlin, here’s a live video that should not make you disappointed. We hope to come back soon to make some more noise.

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Finnegan’s Hell – a short documentary

Here’s a crash course on Finnegan’s Hell. Learn all you need to know about the band in three minutes! This short documentary contains interviews with the band members and live footage from all around the world:

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Tin whistle crash course for free!

Mick Finnegan teaches you all you need to know about the tin whistle. Step by step he reveals the secret to playing this traditional Irish instrument like a pro, and shows you that anyone can learn how to play the tin whistle. To play along, just grab a penny whistle in the key of D!

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Woodstock Festival kicked ass!

On July 31st Finnegan’s Hell performed in front of a massive audience at Europe’s biggest open air festival; Woodstock Festival in Poland. The show was recorded and broadcasted by Kreciola TV, and you can watch an excerpt from it right here – just click on ”read more”.


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